Since our origins, we have tried to maintain the family spirit that defines us. Only for you.

Granero Business Group is composed of a series of companies that cover various sectors, such as the production of funeral monuments, the management and administration of cemeteries and funeral homes,construction primarily focused on ornamental aspects, with a company (Employment Center for Special Needs) dedicated to the manufacturing of marble and granite countertops, and the installation of flooring, cladding, and other related services.

The Hotel Sector, with a Spa that features a five-building hotel complex with 230 rooms, over 100,000 square meters of facilities, and a Urban Spa en el centro de Albacete con unas instalaciones de más de 1.500 m2 con piscina termal, saunas, gimnasios, zonas de tratamientos, etc.

Our point of view

Achieving entry into the most competitive market within the marble industry, standing out in innovation and product differentiation, as well as being leaders in specialized customer service.

Our task

Beauty, quality, guarantee, and adaptability are the main qualities we use to define our products, both in the funeral industry and in the decoration sector. Everything you can imagine made a reality and with infinite durability due to the hardness of our star materials, “natural stones” such as marble, granite, onyx, etc.

Security, confidence, attention, and care are the characteristics that define our essential service “comprehensive cemetery management”, offering owners impeccable maintenance.


Economic-Functional Area

Our main purpose has always been to offer the best possible service in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way.

Quality Of Life Area

Grupo Empresarial Granero is a company that has passed from parents to children, but today it has more than 180 workers united by a single philosophy of a family business.

Investment Area or Community Welfare

Beyond our economic activity, we try to collaborate in solving problems for society as a whole using all the resources at our disposal.

Economic-Functional Area

Example of an entity with which we regularly collaborate for various training courses.

Training Sessions in collaboration with other entities and Labour Risk Prevention Program.

Waste management. We have a 10-15% waste rate, which represents a minimal amount. In addition, they are deposited in places enabled for it.

High presence at a national and even international level. We travel to you to carry out all kinds of work. From big cities to remote villages.

Columbarium transformed and assembled in Equatorial Guinea

Quality Of Life Area

Energy-efficient monitors on each machine

Reduction of power consumption: We have a temporal programming system so that the machines are not kept on for longer than necessary. That’s how we manage to have some of them working during the night shift.

Water is an essential commodity for life. For that reason, a purification process is carried out on the used water so that it reaches the drains treated.

We strive to improve people’s quality of life: The ISO 9001/2015 regulation has been implemented as a quality system in cemetery management.

We encourage customer relationships by offering services of recent need in collaboration with other companies. An example of this is the funeral insurance service offered by the Granero Business Group in collaboration with FIAT.

CONTACT US to get the best price.

To contribute to the local economy growth, many of the companies that serve Granero Business Group S.A. as support are local.

Community Welfare Area

Pablo, 45 years old. He has a hearing disability of over 65%, but with his tools he creates unparalleled works of art.

Fight for socio-labor integration: In order to eradicate social exclusion, Mármoles Granero S.L. has a 74% disabled personnel in its workforce.

Cultural promotion: supports and collaborates on projects for cultural creation and expansion. Every year an economic contribution is made to the Cuenca Cathedral Choir for this purpose.

Professional development of young entrepreneurs: We sign agreements with educational institutions in order to train promising young people, such as the Castilla la Mancha University or the Cruz Novillos School of Art.

Several internship students have passed through our facilities (Business administration and management, Journalism, Academy of Fine Arts, etc)
´We are always open to a possible hiring for the most dedicated.

Social collaboration with associations such as UDP/AESFAS (associations of civil servants and retirees), Cruz Roja, Caritas, “homeless people”, inmates of the penitentiary center, church, etc. To whom we provide financial collaboration, clothes, materials, facilitate the rental of housing, free weekends in spa or cabins that the associations raffle among their members, etc.

One of the many trophies we manufacture, engrave and customize for various sporting events.

Present in the sports arena: in two of the most prominent sports in the city of Cuenca, such as the Cuenca Athletics Club or the Cuenca Ball Union

In this field, we provide trophies, medals, or commemorative plaques made by the company Mármoles Granero through laser engraving technology. cabins On the other hand, we provide labor for transportation services, storage, assembly… And we also give away weekends at the Balneario de la Concepción or Valle del Cabriel Cabins to be raffled. All of this with the aim of helping the clubs grow and develop continuously, since without these collaborations it would be impossible for our players to reach the level they achieve.

Throughout these years of work, Grupo Empresarial Granero, S.A. has achieved a solid and consolidated position in the market through its companies, allowing a diversification of risks and activities that have had an impact on the creation of permanent employment, wealth for the areas where our companies are located, and above all, very important future prospects.

We ask, listen and solve.

Trust us!

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